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Advanced Math Brain Teasers
A book by H E Duduney

a  public domain ebook

Are You A Math Genius?

Millionaire Change Cattle Grocer
Husband Family Tommy                          Timpkin Census
Mother Marmaduke Relationships Rover Tube
Neighbours Nuts Party Mary Poser

Rackbrane Time Simpleton Watch Wharf
Places Club Railway Stop Watch Three Clocks
Average Two Trains Passenger Three Villages Pension
Tudor Hydroplane Potatoes Donkey
Beer Digits Four Sevens Odd Lockers
Lucky Number Nine Counters Checks Alphametics Book Math
Pierrot Dice

multiplication fortune teller
Math Nerds Only
Spot Pearls Artillerymen Scramble Torn Number
Fence Circling The Squares Dutchmen's Wives Farmer's Sheep Sculptor
Spanish Miser

Easy Square Wood Buns Chocolate
Mitre Joiner Cut Out Hearth Rug
Triangle Table Top And Stools Monad Veneer Horseshoes
Star Cardboard Chain Paper Box Potato Seven Pigs
Fences Wizard's Cats Pudding
Cushion Covers Banner Christmas Present Quilt Brocade
More Patchwork Linoleum More Linoleum
Four Sons Spiral Milkmaid Ball Estates
Farmer Crescent Wall Garden Belinda
Goat Papa Cisterns Cones Matches
Pig Pens Wheels
King And Castles Cherries and Plums Plantation Pennies Mince Pies
Jumps and Moves
Six Frogs Grasshoppers Educated Frogs Twickenham Victoria Cross
Letter Block Mix The Tiles Apartment Railway Engines Intersections
Reversals Garage Prisoners Solitaire Board Ten Apples
Nine Almonds Twelve Pennies Plates And Coins Catch The Mice Cheesemonger
Exchange Torpedo Practice Hats Children Jam Pots
Roads And Routes
Tube Railways Towns Traveller Mine Inspection Sailor
Grand Tour Motorists Bank Holiday Zoom Zoom Levels
Diamonds Deified Voters Hannah Honeycomb
Monk And Bridges
Card Players Glass Balls Tennis Mouse Trap Sixteen Sheep
Eight Villas Dormitory Barrels Of Balsam Paint A Pyramid Antiquary's Chain
Dominoes Cross Target Postage Stamps
Lions And Crowns Grand Lama Abbot's Window
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