Nine Almonds

Take a sheet of paper and divided it off into twenty-five squares, like a square portion of a chessboard. 
Place nine almonds on the central squares, as shown in the illustration.
The numbered counters are convenience in giving the solution.
Remove eight of the almonds and leave the ninth in the central square. 
Make the removals by jumping one almond over another to the vacant square beyond and taking off the one jumped over.
You can jump in any direction, and not diagonally only. T

What are the fewest possible moves?

The following specimen attempt will make everything clear. 
Jump 4 over 1, 5 over 9, 3 over 6, 5 over 3, 7 over 5 and 2, 4 over 7, 8 over 4. 
But 8 is not left in the central square, as it should be. 
Remember to remove those you jump over. 
Any number of jumps in succession with the same almond count as one move.

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