Village Simpleton

A facetious individual who was taking a long walk in the country came upon a yokel sitting on a stile. 
As the gentleman was not quite sure of his road, he thought he would make inquiries of the local inhabitant; but at the first glance he jumped too hastily to the conclusion that he had dropped on the village idiot. 
He therefore decided to test the fellow's intelligence by first putting to him the simplest question he could think of, which was, "What day of the week is this, my good man?" 
The following is the smart answer that he received:—

"When the day after to-morrow is yesterday, to-day will be as far from Sunday as to-day was from Sunday when the day before yesterday was to-morrow."

Can the reader say what day of the week it was? It is pretty evident that the countryman was not such a fool as he looked. 
The gentleman went on his road a puzzled but a wiser man.

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