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Naughty Golfisms
Thanks Walt

golf and drivers

A collection of names, phrases, words, clichés and expressions used to describe bad golf shots.
Memorize a few golf sayings then recite some of these on the the golf course.

In a golf game, what is the definition of ...

a Tim Horton a Rock Hudson a Roseanne Barr
a Linda Ronstadt
a Yasser Arafat a Camilla Parker-Bowles
a Therman Munson a Michelin Man a Phyllis Diller
a Twiggy a Vin Sculley a Billy Graham
a Saddam a Kobe Bryant a Willie Nelson
a Belinda Stronach a Linda Lovelace an Adolf Hitler
an Arthur Scargill a Kate Winslet a Rodney King
an OJ Simpson a Kate Moss a Gerry Adams
a Salman Rushdie a Governor Rockefeller a Sophia Loren
a Monica a Princess Grace a Princess Di
a Glen Miller a Robin Cook a Darth Vader
an Anna Kournikova an Allistar Campbell a Bin Laden
a Vinnie Jones a Paris Hilton a Diego Maradonna
a Ted Kennedy an Elton John a Marilyn Monroe
a Jamie Oliver a Bobby Darrin a Rush Limbaugh
a George W a John Kennedy Jr a Nancy Pelosi
a Dick Cheney a Danny DeVito a Calista Flockhart
a Saddam Hussein a Lawrence of Arabia a Sandy Hawley
a Pee Wee Herman a JC a David Beckham
a Red Grange a Bill Clinton a Barbra Streisand
a Brittany Spears a Sonny Bono a Neil Smith
an Anna Nicole Smith a Fabio a Culligan
Marquis de Sod a Dennis Wise a Golf Teacher
an Oral Roberts
...secret to Rory's success
a son-in-law a sister-in-law a daughter-in-law
a mother-in-law a black angus a Brazilian
a tired kangaroo a swallow an elephant's rump
an anal a vaginal a breast
a teenager a helicopter a viagra
a viagra two a lover's grass a hockey stick
a masturbation shot three putting is like... Ice cream on shit
Herpes a rider a Bud Light
a South American a condom a German virgin
a Raisin Bran a Saskatchewan a toilet
a gynecologist's assistant an immodium an agriculteral heave
an IRA shot a hair piece a lady boy
a snowman a circus tent a gutta percha
a large On the Satan trail a communist
a barkie Smoked it
a woodpecker
a cold shower a mother-in-law putt a giraffe's arse
army golf a toilet flusher a scud
an onion Tukaluk
. .
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