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I Teach Golf Too
Confessions of a 16 handicapper

golf and drivers

A résumé of my golf book. Feel free to contribute chapters.

Putting :
- Technique to properly align your fourth putt.
- Maximize your earnings by using your shadow on the green.

- Get more distance from your shank.
- The art of relaxation when hitting three off the tee.

Hazards :
- Hitting a Pro-V from the rough when you teed off with a Lady Pinnacle.
- Avoiding the water while lieing 8 in the bunker.
- Ball retrieval when your partners saw it go in the water.

Course Management :
-  Rationalizing the six hour round.
-  How to give the finger to the course ranger.
-  Letting a foursome play through your twosome.

Mental Toughness
- Acceptable excuses for drinking beer before 9 am
- Wishing your wife would care about how you birded the par 3.
- Timely art of proposing swing corrections to your opponent during the round.
- Overcoming the birdie to bogey three putt.
- Knowing when your ball retriever needs to be regripped.

 Golf Clichés and Expressions