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USA Presidential Race

USA flag

Because of the recession, a new presidential campaign has been organized.
Six candidates will now vie to become President of the USA.

All six candidates : Billy C, Barack O, John M, Joe B, George W, and Sarah P will travel together on the same bus and sleep in bunk beds.

Each candidate has a different color pillow on his/her bed.

The beds are lined up in a row with red, black, yellow, brown, blue, and green pillows.

1. George W and Barack O's bunk bed is closest to the bathroom.
2. The color of the pillows on the bottom bunks all begin with the same letter.
3. The color of Billy C's pillow does not begin with the same letter as the beginning of his name.
4. George W's pillow color begins with the same letter as the party he represents.
5. The red pillow is above the blue pillow
6. Joe B and John M like their lower bunks.
7. John M is in the middle bed.
8. Sarah P does not share a bunk with John M.
9. The brown pillow is at the end of a row.
10. The black pillow is below the yellow pillow.

Questions :
What is the color of each candidate's pillow, the order of their bunks, and who are bunk mates?

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