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Think of Your Card

Shuffle a deck of 52 cards.
Take the top ten cards.
Fan the cards and show them to the participant.

Ask the participant to memorize a card.
Ask the participant to memorize the position of the card from the top of the face down pack.
In the video, I use the 6 of diamonds which is in the 7th position.
Make a small  pack.

Place the top five cards under the bottom five cards.
Ask the participant to state the position of the card.
In the video the card was in the 7th position.
Take a card from the top and put it on the bottom as many  times as the number the participant gave you. 

Take the top card off the packet and put on the bottom
Take the new top card and put it on the table

Repeat this procedure, one card to the bottom, next card to the table, until only one card is left.

Ask the participant to reveal his/her card.

Turn the card over.

Watch the video.

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