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Island Chaos

Tell a story!
Four tropical islands are in the Caribbean Ocean.
Each has a king, queen, a son named Jackie (the Jack) and a daughter named Annie (the Ace) 
A hurricane destroys everything on the islands.
Each king, queen, son and daughter ends up on their own island.

Do this :
Use Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces. 
Make four small piles.
Place them in rows of the same suit in this order : King, Queen, Jack and Ace on top.
Happy families living on their own island.
A terrible hurricane sweeps up the families.

Pick up the stacks from left to right.
Hold the cards face down. 

Ask participants to cut the small deck in half (top half of deck goes beneath the bottom half.) 
Cut as many times as you wish.

Now deal them out into their four different islands (four piles.) 

Magic happens!

Watch the video.

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