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Come Forth

You need a complete deck of 52 playing cards without the Jokers.

What to do:
Ask your friend to shuffle the cards as many times as he/she wishes.
Once the shuffling is finished, tell your friend to memorize the bottom card.
Example in the video : Five of Spades
Ask your friend to put the deck on the table and turn over the top 3 cards.
Tell your friend to deal cards face down below each of these 3 cards.
Start with the number on the face-up card
(Aces = 1, Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and Kings = 13), and then keep dealing cards until he/she gets to 15.
Example in the video : the first face-up card is a 3, he/she would deal 12 more cards to get to 15.

Ask him/her to keep the 3 face-cards on the table, and then put all the face-down cards on the bottom of the deck.

Ask your friend to find the sum of the 3 face-up cards.
Example in the video : 3 + 7 + 3 = 13.

Tell your friend to deal out that many cards, and then put them on the bottom of the deck.
Ask him/her to put one card an each of the face-up cards.
Ask your friend to tell you the card he/she had memorized at the beginning of the card trick.
Turn over the next card.

Magic...the card appears!

The secret :
Each face-up card + counting up to 15 + the value of the card = 16.
16 × 3 face-up cards = 48.
Then 48 + 4 = 52 cards in the deck.

Go mystify someone!

Watch the video

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