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In partnership with, we offer online tutorials.
These tutorials help you learn at your own pace.
Choose the tutorial that will let you 
pick up brand-new skills,
explore a new hobbie, stay ahead of software updates,
switch careers and land promotions.
Make learning easy and enjoyable.
3D + Animation Tutorials
After Effects Tutorials   Design motion graphics and create animations
Animation Training Tutorials  Build 3D models, design virtual worlds, and create animations 
Autocad Tutorials
Blender Tutorials  Model objects, create animations, and render 3D graphics
Flash Tutorials 
Maya Tutorials  Create 3D objects and environments
Rhino Tutorials  Learn 3D texture, industrial design, and rapid prototyping
ZBrush Tutorials  Paint in 3D and sculpt objects 
3ds Max Tutorials   Create and animate virtual environments
Audio and Music Tutorials
Audio Training Tutorials    Record, mix songs, make beats, play and customize software instruments
Ableton Live Tutorials  Record a song, mix and remix it.
Avid Tutorials  Use video editing, notation, and recording software
GarageBand Tutorials  Record songs, make beats, publish podcasts, share MP3s
Pro Tools Tutorials  Mix, remix audio, record music using traditional and virtual instruments.
Sibelius Tutorials  Write, play, print, and publish music notation.
Soundbooth Tutorials  Record vocals and instrumentals; optimize, enhance, and edit audio files.
Business Tutorials
Business Training Tutorials  Project management, negotiation, online marketing strategy
Access Tutorials  Run an SQL query, create forms and reports, and navigate Access databases.
Acrobat Tutorials
Captivate Tutorials  Create training content and engaging, interactive curricula.
Drupal Tutorials  Create a web app for the first time.
Excel Tutorials
FrameMaker Tutorials  Build technical documents from the ground up.
Microsoft Word Tutorials
Office Tutorials
PowerPoint Tutorials
SharePoint Tutorials  Publish to the web, share documents, and manage permissions
Social Media Marketing Tutorials
Windows 8 Tutorials
Design Tutorials
Adobe Training Tutorials
Corel Painter Tutorials  Learn digital painting techniques.
CSS Tutorials  Learn responsive design best practices.
Dreamweaver Tutorials  Build a website for the first time to using jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
FrameMaker Tutorials  Build technical documents from the ground up.
Graphic Design Training Tutorials  Design a logo, create ebooks, use a Pen tool.
HTML 5 Tutorials
InDesign Tutorials  Learn page design and desktop publishing.
Illustrator Tutorials  Learn how to work with layers, create infographics, trace artwork.
JavaScript Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials  Learn image editing, retouching, and color correcting.
WordPress Tutorials
Developper Tutorials
CakePHP Tutorials
CodeIgniter Tutorials  Speed up your development in PHP applications and the MVC framework.
C# Tutorials   Code foundational programming language of Microsoft programs.
Developper Tutorials  Learn to code.
iOS Tutorials  Build an iOS app, or incorporate the iPad in the classroom.
Java Tutorials  Use JDBC to integrate MySQL database.
Joomla! Tutorials   Create your first Joomla website from scratch.
jQuery Tutorials   Create animations, dynamic page formatting.
Mobile App Development Tutorials  Build a mobile application with the iOS or Android SDK
MySQL Tutorials  Use MySQL and PHP together
Objective-C Tutorials  Learn the object-oriented language used to build apps for Apple
PHP Tutorials  Use PHP with a MySQL database.
Programming Tutorials  Learn how to code, create, and build web applications
Software Developer Tutorials  Code, create, and build web applications.
Symfony Tutorials
Web Developer Tutorials
Xcode Tutorials    Learn how to create and develop an app for Apple.
Photography Tutorials
After Effects Tutorials   Design motion graphics and create animations
Aperture Tutorials  Learn how to print photos, fix images, remove red eye.
Canon Tutorials  Learn how to use a Canon DSLR camera.
Final Cut Pro Tutorials   Make a movie from start to finish, edit video.
iPhoto Tutorials  Learn how to share pictures, email photos, create a photo slideshow.
LightRoom Tutorials  Print photos, fix images, remove red eye.
Photography Training Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Ableton Live Tutorials  Record a song, mix and remix it.
Avid Tutorials  Use video editing, notation, and recording software
Logic Pro Tutorials  Record music and make an album.
Motion Tutorials  Generate your own title animation and video effects.
Premiere Pro Tutorials   Edit video or make a movie from scratch.
Video and Motion Graphics Tutorials
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