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In partnership with Forward Avenues Inc. and Stewart Systems, we offer you Running Records Companion.

About Running Records Companion:

Thousands of teachers around the world have discovered the benefits of conducting Running Records to assess reading, but they also realize that this requires a great deal of time and effort.

Running Records Companion is a computer program that simplifies the use of Running Records codes, automatically compiles the results and produces professional reports.

Running Records Companion is for Windows only operating system.

This inexpensive program even produces a report that shows the text that the student was given to read and the way the student actually read it.
Teachers can enter their own text or even copy and paste from other sources.
The print-outs can be sent home to show parents how their children are reading in class.

Running Records Companion advantages:
     Calculates the overall accuracy percentage
     Keeps track of Omissions
     Counts errors and calculates the error ratio
     Keeps track of Insertions
     Counts self-corrections and calculates the error ratio
     Keeps track of Repeats
     Produces a report that shows how the student actually read
     Keeps track of Appeals
     Sorts Meaning, Structure and Visual Errors
     Keeps track of times the word was Told
     Counts the words in any passage
     Keeps track of Prompts
     Allows new text to be created or imported

It is incredibly fast and easy to use and will work with any text document.
It produces reports on individual students as well as a summary of the entire class.

Individual Teacher Version : $19.95 (US)
School Version : Unlimited number of teachers at one school :$50.00 (US)

Click here to download a free demo version. Try it before you buy it.

Click here to order your copy of Running Records Companion.     

running records companion