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Find some pages torn from old calendars.
Get at least one page per student.

Have children select any two-date by two-date (four dates) square on their calendar sheets.
Ask them to find the sums of the diagonals. They are always identical.

Tell the students to select any three-by-three squares of nine dates on their pages.
They must find the sums of the two diagonals, the center column and the center row.
They'll discover that all four sums are also identical.

Children check off any full week of dates (Sunday through Saturday) on their calendar sheets.
They then find the sum of all the dates and divide that sum by Wednesday's date.

When each child states his or her answer orally, the group will be surprised to learn that a common answer "seven" is shared by all.

After working with calendar patterns, children may begin to see and seek out other patterns that occur everywhere in math.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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