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Discuss the makeup and function of annotated bibliographies.
Invite students to assist while you construct a typical entry on the chalkboard, using a classroom textbook as the source.

List the order in which the information appears and have children use the list as a reference to write entries for their current reading books.

Formulate plans for devising an annotated bibliography of school library books that your students have read.

Provide a folder for first-draft submissions and proofread the material at intervals.
Return entries to the children for rewriting on strips of lined paper.

When enough entries have been accumulated for a booklet, have a volunteer committee arrange them in alphabetical order. Another group can paste the entries on oaktag sheets.
Others can design the cover and plan the pages for credits, copyright data, the index.
Laminate the cover and pages if possible.

Plan a little ceremony for the "big day" when the class presents the book to others.


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