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Research Me


Ask students how they can discover some facts about the day they were born.

Was it rainy or sunny?
Who was the leader of their country?
What movie was showing in local theaters?
What book was a bestseller?
Who was a sports hero?
How much did a hamburger cost?
What were the top 10 song hits?

Write these and other questions suggested by the children on the chalkboard. 

Have the students copy the list and then use the Internet to find the answers.
An alternative would be to check with a local newspaper to see if back copies are still available.

The children can write their findings as news, human interest or feature stories, creative pieces or factual reports.
Encourage the use of boastful headlines or titles, such as "Step Aside, World . . . Here Comes (Bill Clark)" or "Why the Earth Smiled on February 20,1989."
Bind individual materials in booklet form or display them on a bulletin board along with baby pictures and facsimiles of birth announcements.

Variation: For younger children, duplicate the question list to take home and have them interview their parents.

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