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Prepare some task cards that give directions for simple activities to be performed in the classroom with the balls:  basketball, football, medicine ball, utility ball, fleece ball, tennis ball, ping pong ball .

Examples: "Use the fleece ball to play catch with a browneyed classmate for two minutes."
                "Using only your index finger, roll the golf ball on the floor from one end of this room to the other."
                "Bounce the utility ball exactly nine times with your right hand while hopping on your left leg."
                "Hold the soccer ball on your head with both hands and skip around the room. Stop at each corner and say, `Hi'."
                "Hold the football over your head. Smile. Wink. Bow to the class."

Each participant, in turn, takes a card at random, reads the directions silentty, selects the correct ball and performs the suggested activity.
He or she then reads the task card aloud to demonstrate how well the directions were followed.

Variation: Any collection of things, such as school supplies or small toys, can be used for variations of this activity.

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