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Duplicate the "Wonderful Words" list and distribute copies to the children. 

Read and discuss the words in general terms. 

Tell students to keep the list in their folders. 

Tell them that whenever they complete an excellent reading paper or workbook page, you will "grade" it with the word of their choice and initial the word on their sheets. 

You might also suggest that kids put the entire list in alphabetical order.

At the end of the term present small awards to the person who has earned the greatest number of Wonderful Words and also to children who succeed in putting the words in perfect ABC order.

Wonderful Words List:
Marvelous, Terrific, Super, Magnificent, Red Hot, Superb, Great, A-Okay, Sublime, Love It, Topnotch, Sans Pareil, Incomparable, Stupendous, Pure Gold, Wow, Flawless, Fantastic, Beautiful, Number One, Congratulations, Summa Cum Laude, Yummy, Priceless, Cool, Mind-Boggling, Incredible, On Target, Choice, Mint Condition, Fabulous, A Gem, Extraordinary, Zounds, Nifty, Superlative, Matchless, Oo-la-la, Best, Unique, Champ.


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