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Fit Nut

This is a fitness activity for all the students with just one jump rope.

Clear an area of desks, stretch a long jump rope on the floor and have the students stand in a circle around it.
Children take turns performing the actions in the sequence described below, and each chants any traditional rope-jumping ditty that comes to mind.
Students standing in the circle clap hands in unison and join in the chants.

Activities include:
Hop on the right leg back and forth across the rope from one end to the other; follow the same procedure, using the left leg.
Face the rope and hop on two legs back and forth over the length.
Make side jump on two legs across the rope.
Jump back and forth on two legs over the rope.
Zigzag down the rope, crossing legs alternately.
Do jumping jacks down the center of the rope .

Variation: Two children hold the ends of the rope and sway it gently back and forth while classmates follow actions described above.

Ice hockey signals

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