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Ti Chew


Implement a classroom isometrics program.
Each exercise need only be 5 seconds .Have your stopwatch handy.

Complete relaxation is required after each exercise: children must go totally limp as they exhale with very loud grunts, which is part of the fun.

Try these three times weekly:
 Inhale deeply, stretch arms upward, tense muscles and pretend to push against the ceiling for five seconds.
 Exhale and relax with a grunt.

 Inhale, tense muscles and push down very hard on the floor with the feet for five seconds.
 Exhale and relax with a grunt.

 Inhale, extend arms forward, tense muscles and push against imaginary wall for five seconds.
 Exhale, relax and grunt.

Inhale, face front wall, tense muscles, extend arms backward and push hard against imaginary back wall for five seconds. Exhale, relax and grunt.

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