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Balanced Diet

Ask students to make daily entries on food charts for a week.
They can decide for themselves whether they have well-balanced diets.

Duplicate a food chart that lists the five food groups, spaced equally down the left-hand side of the page.
Number them as follows: 1 Vegetables and Fruits
                                            2 Bread and Cereals
                                            3 Milk and Cheese
                                            4 Meat, Poultry, Fish, Beans
                                            5 Fats and Sweets

Divide the rest of the page into four columns labeled Breakfast, Lunch. Dinner and Snacks.
Draw horizontal lines under the food-group names and across the page to form 20 rectangular spaces.

Every day, children fill in the spaces with the names of the foods they eat in each category.
At the end of the week, have children analyze their charts, noting which groups they neglected, and making rough comparisons between the amount of nutritious foods and junk foods they have consumed.

Tell them to write statements on the backs of their charts to indicate how they plan to change their eating habits.
Collect the charts and return them later in the school year when you repeat the activity.
The old charts provide kids with a basis for determining how well they abided by their earlier food decisions.

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