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Use plastic laundry detergent bottles or any other flatsided plastic bottle with a handle, as badminton rackets in an improvised classroom game.

Ask parents or the local laundromat for bottle contributions so that you have one for every student.
Students will enjoy personalizing their  rackets with sports graflti, victory symbols and monograms.
Borrow a few shuttlecocks from the physical education department.

A center row of desks vacated by their occupants is the "net."
Players stand near their own desks on either side of the net.
The children who normally sit in the center row fill in to form even teams.

In bottleminton, like badminton, players volley the shuttlecock over the net and take turns serving.
If a team fails to return a volley, thus relinquishing the service, or if the shuttlecock hits the net, the opposing team earns a point.

The first team to accumulate 11 points wins the game.

Ice hockey signals

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