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This is a strategic card game that increases students' mental computation speed.

Four children play at one time.
One judge checks their additions and sets a time limit on each play.

Use a regular deck of cards .
Each numbered card retains its value.
Face cards are worth 10, aces are 1 and the joker can be any number from 1 to 9.

Before beginning play, students choose a secret "magic number" (example: 51).

Three cards are dealt to each player.
Stack the other cards face down on the table.
The first player draws a card from the stack.
This player checks his or her hand to see if the numerical value of the four cards adds up to the magic number.

If the four cards total the magic number, the student says, "Math is Great!"
The  player then shows the cards to the judge for approval.
If the answer is approved by the judge, the player then places his or her 4 cards face down, nearby.
The student then draws four more cards from the stack.

If the player's cards do not total the magic number, he or she discards one card and play continues.

Strategies the children use in choosing their discards demonstrate their mental addition skills.

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