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Encourage children to think seriously about their "addictions" to such junk foods as potato chips, carbonated soft drinks, candy bars and bubble gum.

Conduct a "true confession" hour where each child (and you, too) confess to wantonly snacking on a certain non-nutritious munchies.

Have them make life-size images of themselves by outlining each others' bodies on butcher paper.
However, they should change their heads into replicas of their favorite munchie, such as a potato chip or a candy bar.

Suggest that they use bits of yarn, fabric, wallpaper samples and ads featuring their special junk foods to fashion hair, clothing and accessories for their creations.

Line up the figures in procession on the bulletin board and caption the display"Parade of the Empty Calories."
Placecards expressing different sentiments, such as "I used to be a beautiful baby,""Lips that touch pop had better stop,"
"Think twice about sugared ice," or "A chocolate bar won't get you far," can be stapled beneath each character.

This display is a traffic-stopper when placed in a school corridor.

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