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Give each child a plastic sandwich-size bag containing identical items, such as a crayon, an eraser, a marble, a small toy, a wrapped cracker, four or five raisins or grapes, wrapped securely.

Assign a monetary value (realistic or fanciful) to each item.
List the prices on the chalkboard or work sheet.

Tell the children to use the price list to figure the total value of their bags.
Explain the nature of bartering.

Invite two children to role-play the process with you to demonstrate the concept.
Tell children that they can barter their goods with classmates for 10 minutes, bearing in mind the money value of their unwanted items as they trade for something more desirable.

Close your door during this gets noisy!

When the alloted time has elapsed, children check the contents of their bags again to determine their new values before preparing statements showing profit or loss.

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