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Getting To Know You - Necklace
Beginning the school year activity
Thanks BH

bead necklace

How to prepare for the activity :
1. Buy the beads (colored, sports, and smiley faces), string (black stretchy necklace cord), and clasps in the craft         section of your favorite discount store.
2. Before the day of the activity, cut the necklace cord and attach the clasp to one end.
    Make sure you make it the right length  for your students!
3. Make copiesof instructions  for each student.
    Let them choose their beads using the chart.
    They get a cord, arrange the beads in a pattern of their choice, and bring it to you to attach the other end of the           clasp.
     HavIng another adult or older student  to help you tie is great!
4. When everyone has a necklace, tell the students to put them on.
    Then they flip their papers over and go around the room answering the questions by looking at everyone else's            necklaces.
5.  Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Columbo, CSI agents' skills not required!

Make copies for each student


The chart below tells you what each color bead means.  Read the chart carefully and choose your beads.

RED – if you are a girl
BLUE – if you are a boy
ORANGE – how many sisters you have
GREEN – how many brothers you have
WHITE – how many pets you have
BLACK – how many different elementary schools you have attended
YELLOW – if you like reading (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)
PURPLE – if you like math (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)
SPORTS -  pick 1 bead to show which sport you like the best
SMILEY FACES – if you like third grade (0=don’t like, 1=a little, 2=a lot)

*Once you have your beads, get your initials and make a cool pattern.
 Bring your necklace to the teacher or helpers when you are finished and we will put the end on it.

Fill out the questions below. 

Just look at other students’ necklaces to find your answers!

1.  Name one person who has the same number of sisters as you: ______________
2.  Name one person who has the same number of brothers as you:____________
3.  Name one person who has more pets than you do: _________________________
4.  Find two people who have gone to more than one elementary school:  ___________________________
5.  Find one person who likes reading the same as you do:_____________________
6.  Find one person who likes math less than you do: _________________________
7.  How many people in your group like this grade a lot? ________
8.  How many people in your group have pets? ________
9.  How many people in your group like reading and math a lot? ________
10. How many people in your group have only gone to one elementary school? ______
11.  Write your own question!  _______________________________________________
       Answer: _____________________________________________________________

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