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The Writing Portfolio
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Pre-writing is the first stage of the writing process. The pre-write stage helps the writer to:
·    choose a topic
·    gather and organize ideas
·    identify an audience
·    identify the purpose
·    choose an appropriate form/genre

During this stage ideas are composed on paper. The writer focuses on content as opposed to the mechanics. Students writing at this stage should ask themselves:
·    what is my purpose for writing this piece
·    who is my audience and what do they want to know about my topic
·    what details can I add to support my main ideas
·    what can I use for an effective lead
·    how can I end the piece effectively

During the editing stage students proofread their writing for mechanics and grammar. Writers will need to focus on capitals, punctuation, paragraphs and spelling.

It is important to note that revision is not editing. While students are revising they should:
·    replace words to improve flow
·    reorganize sentences
·    rewrite paragraphs to better clarify meaning
·    lead or closing can be reworded to improve impact

1. Idea Conference - in this type of a conference ideas are generated to help begin the writing process
2. Revision Conference - a student may elect to ask a peer to read over their first draft so that it can be reworked to     develop better clarity, organization, sentence fluency, etc.
3. Editing Conference - during an editing conference a peer reads over a piece of writing and makes corrections on     mechanics and grammar.
4. Publishing Conference - there may be times when a student needs some assistance in deciding how to publish         their piece of writing.

The last stage of writers' workshop is where the students publish their work.
During this stage students may decide to dedicate their work to someone, choose an appropriate title, and put the writing into a duotang or binder.
Also, during the publishing stage students should have a chance to share their writing with others. Their writing can be put on display or read to the class.

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