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Relay Sit

Divide students into three teams.
Position them at their desk with rows facing the chalkboard.

Distribute a sheet of paper to each child.
Inform them all to have their pencils ready for action.

Place a math textbook on the first desk in each row.

List the review pages to be used in the relay on the chalkboard.

Each team member solves one problem.
The problem is designated by the same number on different review pages (example: all members of team A could be assigned problem # 12, on pages 21, 36, 49, 53, 77 ..)

The first player in each row does the numbered example on the first page listed .
The student then gives the textbook to the next player and hands his or her paper to the teacher.
Each player follows the same procedure.

The team finishing first earns five points plus one point for each correct answer
Remove one point  for each incorrect answer.

Teams change rows (and positions in rows) and perform each other's assignments in rotation.

When the three relays are completed, the scores are tallied and a winner is declared.

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