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Management By Wandering Around

How School Principals can evaluate in one period.

1- Principal enters classroom five minutes after the lesson has begun.

2- In the next two or three minutes, principal looks for : - established routines
                                                                                - minimal confusion
                                                                                - clearly communicated directives

3- What the Principal wants to observe :
   - Do the students know what to do?
   - Are instructions on the board?
   - Are all materials readily available?
   - Do the students know what to do when completing assignment?
   - Is the classroom climate orderly and business-like?
   - Did instruction begin within seven minutes?

4- The last five minutes :
   - Does the period end with a clear explanation of homework expectations?
   - Are the students engaged in learning?
   - Are the students who have finished early going on to the next task?
   - Is the climate orderly and business-like?
   - Is the teacher monitoring seat work?
   - Is the transition to the next class/period smooth?

5- If students are reading :
   - Principal asks student to read a paragraph. If students makes more than five errors, the text  
     is too difficult.

   - Principal asks student to explain what he/she is doing.

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