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Literature Circle
How to lead the literature circle meeting
Thanks PT

Discussion Director
You begin the discussion
Read your first question.  Encourage everyone to give an answer.
If you asked a good question, you should get some good discussion.
Read and discuss each of your questions.
This should take at least 5 – 10 minutes.

Ask the illustrator to show and describe his pictures.
Ask the group if they have any questions for the illustrator.
Ask….”What would each of you have chosen to illustrate?”

Vocabulary Enricher
Ask the Vocabulary Enricher to read his/her first word only.
Have the group find the word in the book.  (Vocabulary Enricher tells the page)
Each person in the group should try to guess what the word means.
The Vocabulary Enricher reads the dictionary definition.
Ask the Vocabulary Enricher to share two more words.
Ask the group…”Did anyone find another unknown word?”

Travel Tracer
The Travel Tracer shares where the action begins and ends for each chapter.
Ask…”Does anyone have any questions for the Travel Tracer?”

The Summarizer should share the points he/she chose.
Ask group members if they agree or disagree.
If major points were missed, the Summarizer should add them to his/her list.
If the group agrees that some of the points are small details, the Summarizer should put an X beside them.

The Connector should share each of the connections he/she made.
Let the group members ask questions about the connections to get more details.
Group members may share some of their own conections.

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Literature Circle Roles