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Managing Conflict

When faced with a problem, what style of conflict management skill should you adopt?
Try these.

Forceful, firm, get my way
When quick decisive action is needed : cost cutting, firing or disciplining
Problem solving, seeking other's help in solving a problem; getting all concerns into the open; trying to satisfy all wishes
Supposedly the best model. Creates a win-win situation.
Sharing : I give up some points in exchange of others; propose middle ground.
When goals are moderately important and not worth the trouble of using other models; when temporary solutions are needed and time lines are tight.
Withdrawal : let others take responsibility for solving a problem; avoiding useless tensions, try to postpone issue until you have time to think about it.
When issue is trivial or when issue can not be won.
Smoothing : stress things where both sides agree upon; soothe other person's feelings and preserve an association; be considerate of other's wishes
When you are wrong; when building social credits and keeping harmony are more important than the issue

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