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The Frogs And Tumblers

Answer :

It is perfectly true, as the Professor said, that there is only one solution (not counting a reversal) to this puzzle. 
The frogs that jump are George in the third horizontal row; Chang, the artful-looking batrachian at the end of the fourth row; and Wilhelmina, the fair creature in the seventh row. 
George jumps downwards to the second tumbler in the seventh row; 
Chang, who can only leap short distances in consequence of chronic rheumatism, removes somewhat unwillingly to the glass just above him—the eighth in the third row; while Wilhelmina, with all the sprightliness of her youth and sex, performs the very creditable saltatory feat of leaping to the fourth tumbler in the fourth row. 

In their new positions, as shown in the accompanying diagram, it will be found that of the eight frogs no two are in line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

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