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Canterbury Puzzles
A book by Henry Ernest Duduney

Medieval Brain Teasers For You
Now a  public domain ebook

Amulet Archery Butt Bridging the Ditch Buried Treasure
Bandy Ball Bears Block
Canon's Yeoman Casket Carpenter's Puzzle Cellarer
Chalked Numbers Chaucer's Puzzle Cellarman Chessboard
Chifu-Chemulpo Chinese Railways Cubes Crusaders
Clerk Cliff Mystery Clowns Coinage
Column Cook's Puzzle Crescent and the Cross
Dorcas Society Dyer's Puzzle Doctor of Physic Dispute
Errand Boys Eleven Pennies Fish Pond Flag
Four Princes Foxes and Geese Franklin Farmer's Oxen
Friar's Puzzle Frogs and Tumblers Frogs Frog's Ring
Game of Kayles Gardens Geese Grangemoor
Haberdasher Hogs Host
Knight Japanese Ladies Lock Mistletoe
Roman Numerals
Moat Magic Square Manciple Man of Law
Market Woman Miller Maze Merchant
Motor Cars Motor Car Monk's Puzzle
Nun Number Blocks Noble Demoiselle Noughts and Crosses
Orchards Ovid

Plato and The Nines Ploughman Parson Photograph
Plum Puddings Pilgrims Porkers Postage Stamps
Primrose Plumber Prioress Pardonner
Railway Tube Ramsgate Robinson Crusoe Romeo and Juliet
Ravensdene Park Reve Ribbon Round Table
Romeo's Journey Rope

Skipper Sack Of Wine Saint Edmondsbury Squire
Snail on the Flagstaff Snail Shipman Spider and Fly
Sompnour Squire's Puzzle

Tour Tramps Tapiser Teacups
Tea Tins Thirty One Tiled Hearth Tilting
Wizard's Arithmetic Wife of Bath Window And The Donjon Weaver