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Math Busters
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A)  1,769 = yards in one mile                                

B)  2,000 = pounds in one ton                          
C)  4,840 = square yards in one acre                  
D)  640 = acres in one square mile                              
E)  1,732 = square root of three                         
F)  2.54 = centimetres in one inch                           
G)  3.1416 = ratio of circumference of a circle to its diameter    
H)  366 = days in a leap year                            

 I )  3010 = logarithm of 2 to the base ten                              
J)  1492 =  date Christopher Columbus landed
K)  .4771 = logarithm of 3 to base ten
L)  .4971 = logarithm of 
π to the base ten 
M)  1.6 = kilometre in one mile   
N)  1.414 = square root of two     
O)  1,728 = cubic inches in one foot  
P)  3-4-5 = ratio of the sides of a right-angled triangle   
Q)  6,080 = feet in a nautical mile   
R)  62% = pounds in the weight of one cubic foot of water 
S)  90 = degrees in a right angle   
T)  88 = feet per second is the same as sixty mph

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