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Food Intolerance Test Kit

Food Intolerance Test kit uses advanced testing technology to identify possible food intolerance of your body for 96 different food types.

This is the perfect home collection test kit to figure out if those uncomfortable symptoms you or your loved one has are due to a particular food intolerance or not.

Often people confuse Food Intolerance with Food Allergy.

Food Intolerance is a physical reaction to a specific food or a food group.

On the other hand, reactions to food allergy involve the body's immune system.

Food Sensitivity Screening Kit employs highly sensitive ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) in which food antigens are immobilized on to the surface of 96-well microtitre plates.

Only few drops of blood, taken by a simple "pin-prick" to the end of the finger, are required to perform our IgG ELISA based Food Sensitivity Screening Test.

This saves time, money & physical discomfort by not having to have a blood draw. In a single run and at a very affordable price, you can screen 96 food products that may potentially lead to a delayed-type allergic response in your body.

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