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Testing For Diabetes

Testing for diabetes basically involves testing for high blood sugar levels. There are many different ways of testing for diabetes including lab blood tests, urine tests, hba1c tests and glucose test.

The lab blood tests are probably the most accurate and must be completed several times over a period of time to gain an understanding of your blood sugar levels and whether or not they are abnormal.

Diabetes home testing basically involves the testing of a urine sample. These are best if you suspect you may be diabetic and would like to have some inclination about your condition before setting up an appointment with a doctor.

Diabetes glucose testing works by detecting your tolerance of glucose. You will go to the doctor and they will take blood samples at regular intervals to measure your blood sugar levels. You will be asked to drink a liquid containing glucose. You may feel a bit sick after drinking this, but the side effects should go away quickly.

Testing for diabetes may seem complicated and it can be difficult to keep a good record of your blood sugar levels, but it is so important to have this done. Treating diabetes early and effectively allots you a much better prognosis.

Another form of testing for diabetes is hba1c diabetes testing. HBA1c diabetes testing works by detecting your hemoglobin A1c level. This test is carried out by simple lab blood test and works by detecting your blood sugar levels over the past several months.

Testing for diabetes saves lives. Take the initiative and ask your doctor about testing for diabetes now, especially if you have a family history or are overweight.

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