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Cholesterol Tests

Cholesterol is different than any other condition. When you are given a cholesterol test, you are not being tested for a disease,  you are being tested for your likelihood of developing a disease. 

That disease in particular is heart disease.

A test for high cholesterol would be considered a preventative test, as it is testing to see if you run the risk of developing hardened arteries or having a heart attack.

Cholesterol signs tests can be performed at home. You can even buy special kits that makes the testing process a breeze. 

They work by taking a small blood sample and then testing that sample for the total amount of cholesterol. There is also a cholesterol test that detects the amounts of total cholesterol and the amount of HDL or good cholesterol in the blood. These tests offer a more accurate reading.

How do you know if it is time to have a cholesterol test? There are some high cholesterol symptoms, but it is usually completely undetectable without a blood test. A family history of high cholesterol is a good indictor of your likelihood of having it as well.

Also, if you eat a diet high in saturated fats, you are also likely to have high cholesterol. In general, family history is enough to make it smart to have a cholesterol test.

Once you start experiencing symptoms, like chest pain or shortness of breath, you already most likely have heart disease. The time to treat high cholesterol is now, before it spirals out of control and takes your health with it!

With a cholesterol test, you can literally save your life.

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