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Body Fat Tester
What does body fat mean?  Why is it important to measure the body fat?

Body fat is the extra energy (i.e., calories) that you eat that is not used in your daily activities. High levels of body fat cause the body's internal systems to work unduly hard, thus significantly increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, diabetes and certain types of cancers (reference: NIH, 1985 Consensus Report).

Fortunately, body fat is readily controllable by reasonable eating habits coupled with moderate exercise. However, the key to body fat control is knowledge -- i.e., periodically measuring your percent body fat and comparing it to recommended values, which allows you to steer your health in the right direction.

Who should use the Personal Body Fat Tester?

Typical users of body fat testers are :
Those that want to permanently lose weight
People who workout at home or at fitness clubs
Recovering cardiac patients
People with diabetes
Joggers and runners
Competitive athletics
Any one interested in good health

What technology is body fat tester using? Why is it important?

Body fat tester uses Optical Technology (Near-Infrared Light Technology) that allows flexibility without any fasting or stability requirements as the other Bioelectrical Impedance Technology.

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