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I herald the darkness which descends on all creatures;
you will know my approach by moans and wracked features.
I visit the hippo, hyena and horse
but never go near snails and spiders of course.
I would circle the glove, leaping one to the other
should all the world's people ever clasp hands together.
Question: What am I?

Two women are in a restaurant.
Both are sitting alone.
A waiter comes and asks the first one what would she like.
She said everything on the menu had bread in it and she was allergic to bread.
She asked the waiter to come back later while she thought about what she wanted.
The waiter then goes over to the other woman and asks her what she wants.
She said everything on the menu had gravy on it and she was allergic to gravy!
Question : How did these two women solve this problem?

Three hunters are returning home together after a long day of hunting.
They see a set of tracks on the ground.
"Oh look, tracks," said the first hunter, pointing. "They are bear tracks."
"No," argues the second hunter, "They are deer tracks."
The first two hunters keep arguing about what kind of tracks they are.
They turn to ask the third hunter to be a tiebreaker, but he is backing away from the set of tracks, and pointing to something behind the first two hunters.
The first two hunters stop arguing and turn around, but they are too late and they die.
Questions : Why? What kind of tracks were they?

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