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Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Football

Five couples get together to watch the big game on television.
Amanda, Sue, Evelyn, Janice, Rhianna, Mack, Walter, Ted, Cory, Bill
Each couple brings one bag of potato chips :Doritos, Pringles, Lay's, Tostitos, Cheetos.

Ted did not accompany Rhianna to the Super Bowl party.
Amanda and her date brought Doritos to the party.
Bill and his date and the couple who brought Pringles cheered for the Baltimore Ravens.
Rhianna and her date cheered on the 49ers.
Mack and his date decided to bring Cheetos.
Evelyn and her date did not bring Lay's chips.
Sue and her date, who wasn't Ted, were 49er fans.
Sue and her date didn't bring Tostitos.
Cory and his date did not bring either Lay's or Pringles to the gathering.
Bill and Amanda and their dates all sampled the five different types of chips.
Evelyn and her date did not bring Tostitos.
Ted and his date loved the half time show.

Question :
Can you  identify which couple brought each bag of chips?

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