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Senior Bingo
Thanks Dabbers

bingo dabbers

Six seniors are playing bingo, three men and three women.
Five seniors are 81 years old and 1 senior is 82 years old.
Two seniors have gerbils.
The senior seated between the seniors that like yellow and green dabbers is Jeffrey.
The senior next to the senior with the iguana loves his green dabber so much that he decided to have a green pet.
Suzanne likes to eat humus.
Alex is 82 years old.
Senior #3 loves her yellow dabber and her favorite food is pasta.
One man has a parrot.
Jeffrey is between the seniors that like pasta and pea soup.
Suzanne and Alex have the same pet.
One of the women’s favorite dabber is red.
Delphine likes small animals.
She has an iguana named Peanuts.
The man between Kelly and Kyle likes to eat prunes.
The woman who likes to eat pasta has a bull dog. Her name is Kara.
The two seniors who have the same animal also like the same color.
Suzanne's favorite dabber is blue.
Kyle is next to Delphine.
Jeffrey's favorite dabber is orange.
Every time Alex goes to the restaurant, he orders a big cheeseburger.
The woman that likes red dabbers also likes to eat tomatoes.
One man has a gold fish.
Question: Can you complete the grid below?
Logic grid
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activity centres

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