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Royal Honeymoon


The newly wed royal couple, Kate and William, plan an incognito get away.
They decide to stay at the Westminster Hotel of London under an assumed name.

On Sunday, four couples share a breakfast table for eight.
Their assumed  family names are : Piccadilly, Buckingham, Nelson and Sussex.
During the brunch, the men, (Philip, William, Chuck and Bert) and the women, (Kate, Liz, Camilla and Paola) discussed their reasons for staying in the hotel.
They were on business, on their honeymoon, on a golf trip and attending a wedding.
Each couple had arrived on a different day from Wednesday to Saturday.

Hints :
- The Piccadillys arrived the day before the couple in room 224, and the day after Liz  and husband (who isn't William).
- The four couples are : Camilla and her husband, the couple attending a wedding, the couple who arrived Wednesday          and the couple in room 412.
- Bert (who isn't Mr. Buckingham) arrived sometime before Kate.
- The room in which Philip and his wife stayed is one floor higher than that of the Sussex couple (who arrived sometime        after Camilla and her husband), and one floor lower than that of the couple who were on a business trip.
- The Buckinghams arrived the day before the couple who were on golfing holiday and the day after the couple in room          338.

Question :
Can you determine each couple's full names, day of arrival, room number (106, 224, 338 or 412 : the first digit is the number of the floor) and reason for their stay?

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