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Roman Around
Thanks Spartacus

Choose the answer and explain it.

1. J14,  L16, __,  P20,  R22    (a. S24  b. N18  c. M18  d. T24)

2. F2,  __,  D8,  C16,  B32   (a. A16  b. G4  c. E4  d. E3)

3. V,  VIII,  XI,  XIV,  __,  XX.   (a. IX  b. XXIII  c. XV  d. XVII)

4. XXIV,  XX,  __,  XII,  VIII   (a. XXII  b. XIII  c. XVI  d. IV)

5. VI, 10, V, 11, __, 12, III   (a. II  b. IV  c. IX  d. 14)

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