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Right Brain
Thanks Debbie

Right brain dominant

If you see, above, the girl sitting and boy with his arms around her neck, then you are left brain.
Look again.
For in reality, it’s just the opposite.

Then make the right brain work and you will see that it’s the boy who is sitting and wearing a black polo.
The girl has her arms around the neck of the boy and wearing blue jeans!
Not convinced about this, then who has hair on his arms and legs?
Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

We all have two cerebral hemispheres that constantly interact but each has specific functions.
The left hemisphere breaks down problems and analysis.
The right hemisphere is interested in everything and innovates.

The ideal is to foster communication between the two brains.
But our education, or our temperament, sometimes leads us to favor one of these two areas.
This predominance determine different ways of thinking about life.

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