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Hockey Playoffs

hockey goal tender
Five friends decide to attend a hockey game at the Bell Centre in la Belle Province.
Each fan wears a different hockey jersey.
Each person is bilingual and has a different profession.
Each person was born in a different town.

Friends:  Debbie, Murray, Jim, Trish and Ron
Jerseys:  Canadiens, Senators, Leafs, Flames, Oilers
Languages:  Spanish, French, Trash Talk, Baby Babble, Pig Latin
Towns:  Chapleau, Federal, Kirkland Lake, Oxford, Thornloe
Professions: Taxi driver, pool player, dancer, banker, bar tender

1- Debbie loves to wear her Montreal jersey.
2- The person next to the Ottawa fan is a dancer.
3- The pool player speaks Spanish.
4- The dancer sits between Jim and the taxi driver.
5- The person speaking Pig Latin sits next to the person who is a banker.
6- The taxi driver is not next to the Habs fan.
7- To the right of Trish is the taxi driver.
9-  Debbie is the banker
10- The person born in Chapleau is seated on the far left.
11- The person born in Thornloe is next to Murray.
12- The person seated on the far right speaks Baby Babble.
13- Jim sits next to the French speaking woman.
14- The person next to Trish wears the Toronto jersey.
15- The person born in Chapleau loves the Ottawa jersey
16- The person born in Oxford wears The Edmonton sweater.
17- The person next to the taxi driver loves Calgary and was born in Federal.

Question :  Who was born in Chapleau and speaks Spanish?

See answer

NHL Cootie Catcher 

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