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Olympic Celebration
Thanks IOC

seating arrangement

To encourage youth to participate in Olympic events, a gold medal athlete hosts a party for a young member of his  family.
He invites eight children.
Ages: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Names: Usain, Michael , Missy, Christine, Hoshi, Ryan, Ye, Alicia

1. Michael sat in the middle on one side of the table between his cousin aged 5 and his brother, who is as many years
    his senior as his cousin is his junior.
2. Missy sat facing Usain - both of them are younger than the 10 year old who was not in seat 4.
3. Ye is 6, the child in the seat numbered 3 is eleven, and the occupant of seat 1 is a girl.
4. The host's child has an odd-numbered age but an even-numbered seat.
5. Alicia is two years older than Hoshi, who sat at one end of the table facing a child one year younger than herself.
6. The oldest guest at the party was not Christine, who is older than Ryan.
7. Only one child sat in a position whose number on the table is identical with his or her age.

Question :
What is the name and age of each child sitting around the table and who is the host's child?

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