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Hidden Logos
Thanks Michel

Answers :

Notice the arrow between the E and x.

The 2nd and 3rd  T 's are two people sharing a tortilla over a bowl of salsa. 

Tour de France
The R in Tour is a cyclist and the yellow circle is the front wheel of a bicycle.

The arrow means Amazon has everything from A to Z.

Hershey's Kisses
There is a sideways chocolate kiss between K and I.


There is a bear if you look closely at image of Matterhorn. 
chocolate bars originated in Berne, Switzerland whose symbol is the bear. 

 Baskins and Robbins
See 31 embedded in the B R. Thirty one-derful flavors!

Northwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines. Circle is a compass. 
Notice which direction the arrow in upper left corner (or beginning of W) is pointing.

Do you see the gorilla and lioness?


The smiley face is also a g as in Goodwill. 

 baseball Brewers
The Milwaukee Brewers, major league baseball team.
A baseball glove forms an M and a B.

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