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Desk Organizer
Thanks Compulsive Guy

desk organizer

Sparky has a desk organizer with nine separate compartments.

• The paper clips are immediately to the left of the glue stick.
• The elastic bands are immediately below the empty compartment.
• The scisors are not in the same vertical set of compartments as the paper clips.
• Both the eraser and the scisors are in compartments on the bottom row.
• The stapler has an item on either side and is immediately above the pencil sharpener.
• The post-it notes have an item above and below them, but are not in the right-hand set of compartments.

Use this diagram
diagram helper

What are the contents for each of the nine compartments?

A1 - paper clips  A2 - glue stick  A3 - empty
B1 - Post-it notes  B2 - stapler  B3 - elastic bands
C1 - eraser  C2 - pencil sharpener  C3 - scisors

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