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Soap Opera
soap opera

The most popular soap opera on television is "The Old and The Lifeless"
The writers have decided to complicate the plot.
Adam, the notorious villain will be executed.

Dr Taylor, the show's dedicated gynocologist. has to sort out the evidence against five women :
Daisy, Sharon, Phyllis, Lily, and  Kay.
All these women have well-known motives to execute Adam.

Four women at the time of the murder had alibis :
they were at the golf course, sailing, visiting a gold mine and at the  library.
The fifth woman is the guilty one.

Hints :
The women who were golfing and at the gold mine are, in some order, Mrs. Rotten and Avante's wife.
Quiche and his wife don't own any gold mines.
Avante (who isn't Mr Mishap) isn't Lily's husband.
Mrs. Mishap, who was innocent herself, suspecred that either Sharon or Lity was guilty.
Daisy Bustful (who isn't married to Avante) had an alibi, which did not involve a library.
Sharon and Phyllis are married to Pimpernell and Mr. Flewsy in some order
Mrs. Wicked had an alibi which didn't involve gold mines.
Fuzzball and Quiche were relieved when their wives were proven innocent of the execution.

Questions :
1- Can you figure out each woman's full name?
     Their last names are  Bustful, Flewsy, Mishap, Rotten and Wicked.
2- Who are their  husband : Avante, Fuzzball, Haberdascher, Quiche and Pimpernell.?
3- What is their alibi?

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