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Online Multi Player Video Games

multi players video game

Five players, Ron, Sophie, Zoe, Swish and David decide to participate in multi-player online video games.
Enjoying interaction with each other, they decide to test their skills in pre-programmed challenges.
Each player spends a different amount of money on a used video player console.
The money they spend is between $10 and $100.

All five players log into the Internet to purchase an online video game membership.
Each player buys a different membership for the following games : Halo 3, FarmVille, Call Of Duty, The Elder Scrolls,
Prince of Persia

Five players log into the Internet
One player bought FarmVille.
One man spent $80 on a used video console.
David who did not purchase Call Of Duty.

The player who bought Call Of Duty spent twice as much on a used video console as the person who was first to log onto the Internet.

The player to log onto the Internet next after Sophie was the one who bought the Elder Scrolls.

The player who purchased Prince Of Persia logged onto the Internet two places behind Swish.
Swish spent $50 on a used video console.

The third player to log into the Internet spent $10 more on a used video console than some other player.

Can you find the order in which they logged onto the Internet, and match each player with the amount of money he or she spent on a used video console and the online video game membership he or she bought?

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