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Holiday Season Pizza

To celebrate the Holiday Season, two men, Tiger  and  Stevie and two women, Jaimee and  Rachel go out for pizza.
They order a pizza and have it sliced into eight pieces.
Each person orders something to drink.
Two people ordered Merlot, one ordered Sauvignon and one ordered Beaujolais.

To remain incognnito during the the holiday season, each person signs the restaurant registry with an assumed family name.
The assumed last names are Nike, Taghauer, Gillette and Cadillac.
Everyone had at least one piece.
The two Merlot drinkers ate less than half the pizza between them.
Jaimee had exactly two more pieces than Gillette.
Tiger, (who is known to enjoy many pieces), had exactly one more piece than Nike.
Mr. Cadillac had at least as many pieces as the Beaujolais drinker.

Question :
Can you match each person's full name with the number of pieces each had and the drink he or she ordered?

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