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Substitute Teaching

From Monday to Friday, Amanda is a substitute teacher.
One day, she substituted in grade 1.
On another day, she supply taught at Saint Brenda Elementary School.

Hints :
Amanda substituted for Margaret the day before she supply taught for the absent teacher at Susan Secondary School.
Amanda taught grade 2 on Tuesday.

Amanda did not substitute for Dawn at James Academy.
Martin does not teach grade 5.
Amanda did substitute teaching at Leanne Junior High after she had substituted for Dawn.
Amanda taught in grade 5 the day before she went into Dawn's classroom.
The grade 4 class that Amanda taught on Wednesday, was not in Susan Secondary School.
Margaret does not teach grade 3.
The day after she had substituted for John, Amanda was working at James Academy.
During the week, Amanda substituted for Jason and for a teacher at Holy Frank Middle School.
Amanda substituted one day in grade 3 but not at Leanne Junior High nor at Susan Secondary School.

Question :
What was Amanda's timetable for that week? (day, grade, school and  teacher's name)

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